TulipsSome people usually go to a physician to be examined and have a medicine prescribed for them. Some go back to the natural way in treatment like homeopathy. There is something more soothing using homeopathy method. Not to mention it is way cheaper and less likely to make you suffer from bad side effects or worse sudden adverse reactions. After all we will never be sure how our body would respond to medicines and we can’t always buy expensive medicines now that economy is bad and job is scarce. The best way to deal with acid reflux is through natural remedies whether home made of brought from a cheap local organic shop. However it is better to make one of your own at home so you can have easy access of your herbal or acid reflux natural remedies. There are plenty of ways in treating yourself from changing your lifestyle habits to your diets. You barely need to visit the doctor’s office.


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Natural Remedies

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What are the most common acid reflux natural remedies?

  • Refrain wear too tight fitting clothes especially huge belts that squash the stomach area too tightly
  • Don’t over eat. (There is a reason why gluttony is considered a sin. It makes you horribly sick. So eat your fill but make sure it is simply enough to alleviate your hunger not sate your craving because a craving can lead to over eating and over eating can cause your stomach to do a double time in digesting all that food.)
  • Drink apple juice
  • Move around and be active. Leading a sedentary lifestyle can cause a lot of sickness or disorder one of them is acid reflux
  • Refrain from sleeping on your stomach, try to sleep on your side
  • Posture matters. If you love slouching or drooping then it can be one of the culprit of your condition
  • Work out if you are obese. Obesity not only gives heart attacks, diabetes, cancer and other nasty disease it can also cause acid reflux. So get in shape not for anyone or anybody but simply for your health and yourself. Prevention is better than cure is a mantra you should remember and put into daily action.
  • Learn how to relax yourself. Your mind and practice calm. If stress is one causative factor of acid reflux then you can practice inner peace and calm in order to lessen your condition.
  • Drink chamomile weak tea it helps alleviate acid reflux
  • For adults drink skim milk for children drink full milk in order to lessen the pain of acid reflux or to help alleviate it.
  • Sleep with your head slightly elevated
  • Stop smoking and drinking too much alcohol
  • Drink apple cider vinegar. Or if you hate the taste of it raw, you can always mix it with other drink or food recipes. Use it through hot brews or various dishes!
  • Drink plenty of water it helps remove acid from stomach
  • Eat apple at least once a day it keeps loads of diseases away! 


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