acid-reflux-image02Acid reflux treatment can either be basic home therapy which you can easily observe from the comfort of your home or a medical intervention that needs for a doctor’s prescription.

There are so basic steps for acid reflux treatment which is easy to do since it only consists of adjusting a bit of your diet or the way you eat.

Acid reflux treatment works only if you stick it every day otherwise don’t even bother. So if you want to recover from your acid reflux here are a couple of hints and tips of what you can do starting right now!

Here it goes:

Acid Reflux Treatment:

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  • Eat slowly and chew your food properly. I know it sounds too childish I bet the last time someone told you to eat your food and chew it properly was when you were in elementary.


  • But there’s a reason to that. It is because when you chew your food properly and slowly it is easily digested by our stomach. Without undue stress your stomach doesn’t have to over produce acids to break down food into pieces. 
  • Drink plenty of water ( it helps make food soft and more easier to digest)
  • Don’t miss meals or do fad or crash diets.
  • Avoid eating spicy food or any major acid reflux food triggers when you have already missed your meals it will only aggravate the acids already present in your hungry stomach
  • Don’t drink colas or carbonated fizzy drinks in an empty stomach. Have you noticed when you drink it before meals you feel a bit of foamy saliva forming along with a nasty acid reflux?
  • Don’t eat heavy meals when you don’t have time to allow it to be digested especially during bedtime when you immediately feel drowsy that you get very sleepy. If you can’t help feeling sleepy immediately after heavy meals (which is normal because all your energy is focused on digestion) then I suggest not to feast heavily for dinner
  • Enough with the coffee. I know most people cannot start the day without drinking a cup of java but if it tends to be frequent coffee drinkers tend to make ulcers worst and acid reflux a totally painful experience every time.
  • Do not lie down after meal. I’m not saying you stand up for an hour. At least try to sit down.
  • If you are diagnosed with acid reflux then you cannot drink aspirin, blood pressure medicines or ibuprofen.
  • In worst cases you will have to stop smoking and drinking alcohol altogether.
  • Lose a little weight if you are obese
  • Stop drinking tea also and refrain from eating foods that trigger major acid reflux
  • Eat smaller meal portions to avoid acid attacks
  • Stop eating too rich foods or too acidic foods in order to stop aggravating your condition
  • Avoid or lessen mint, onions, spices, spicy food and too much herb condiments 
  • You can take medications for this but you will have to consult your doctor


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