cure your heartburn fast!  Apple cider vinegar had created a buzz in curing countless people suffering from acid reflux. Apple cider vinegar had so many testimonials regarding its fast acting relief in dealing with even the most obnoxious attacks of acid reflux.

Using apple cider vinegar is a type of natural home remedy which is also good for children, babies and adults alike since it has definitely zero side effects. In fact it helps in a lot of ways in improving a person’s health all over not just acid reflux.

With apple cider vinegar you can mix it with food, or drink it with honey before and after meals, you can mix it with delicious brews or drinks. You can apply it on salads as a salad dressing , you can also mix apple cider vinegar with baking soda, pair it with honey and warm water. There are so many recipes out there that include apple cider vinegar which is beneficial for acid reflux sufferer.

Apple cider imitates the acid in your stomach which disables over production of more acid from your stomach and helps avoid heartburn. It can also help in losing weight and that is one important factor in curing acid reflux which is losing weight since obesity only intensify suffering from it.

Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar for Acid Reflux:

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  • Has acetic acid which slows starch digestion and decrease glucose levels
  • It balances the alkalinity in your body which makes it suffer less from acidity especially if you drink too much caffeine or wine and liquor
  • Creates fast relief in painful heart burn and acid reflux
  • Destroys most bacteria in the digestive tract. In the same way you lessen bloating in your stomach too and alleviate the discomfort caused by both acid and resistant bacteria
  • Apple cider vinegar neutralize stomach acid although it is not a permanent cure it offers fast temporary relief
  • You need a specific brand of apple cider vinegar too in order to get the best results because not all apple cider vinegar offers the same effectiveness. Most people who has tried and tested so many medicines and natural remedies tend to discover in one way or another huge differences of these brand and the importance of knowing and buying the right one. Bragg’s raw apple cider vinegar works for them. Although it may vary from person to person since not everyone responds as expected to the same treatment, Braggs however has been tried and tested for a long time although no one can explain how or why.
  • It can also help improve your complexion from so many nights of disturbed sleep from acid reflux.
  • You can mix it with water and honey to make it more palatable it also doubles up the benefits since honey soothes your irritated throat from too much acid reflux. It heals the soreness of the throat and lessens the pain and feeling of grittiness.
  • It can also save you from further trouble from a prolonged exposure to GERD may cause like cancer in some cases

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