GERD is a condition in which over accumulation of acid that produces radiating pain from the stomach to chest and throat also commonly known as acid reflux. There are many ways to treat GERD which can include medications or through herbs and natural remedies. Most people however are trying to switch from medicines to natural remedies in treating GERD since it can be the cheapest way especially for those who only have mild case of GERD.

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Heartburn-06Natural Remedies for GERD:


  • Acupuncture miraculously helps some people get a relief from suffering GERD
  • Mix apple cider to your drink or food because it neutralizes acid in your stomach which can help relieve the uncomfortable burning feeling and discomfort
  • Drink plenty of water during meals to make it easier for the stomach to digest food
  • Drink apple juice or eat apple at least once a day
  • Switch to gluten free food or wheat bread. Because some GERD sufferers can be gassy and whole grain can create too much gas in the stomach which will only aggravate the bloating and stomach discomfort you are feeling
  • Eat oatmeal with milk or honey if your stomach is feeling very bloated and plan a fiber rich diet to alleviate the acid in the stomach
  • Avoid GERD causing food triggers ( Lemon fruit or juice , lime juice or lime fruit, French fries, onion, garlic, chocolate, tea, cranberry juice or fruit, lemonade , orange juice and fruit,  grapefruit, sour cream, shakes like mango or milk shake, chicken nuggets , fried chicken , chicken curry, spicy and oily dishes , sour cream, ice cream , spaghetti or pasta with tomato sauce , macaroni and cheese, liquor, any carbonated fizzy drinks like soda, cola, coffee, creamy or rich food,  too creamy food , potato chips , brownie, doughnut , )
  • You can also try drinking pickle juice it will help you suffer less from GERD
  • You can try drinking wheat grass, this drink causes so many wonders in healing and alleviating disease which also includes GERD
  • You can also try 1 teaspoon intake of extra virgin olive oil
  • You can try 1 teaspoon intake of baking soda and might be better if you do it before meals
  • Try 1 teaspoon intake of honey a day which keeps acid in balance
  • Aloe Vera juice also miraculously helps some GERD sufferers alleviate most of the pain cause by too much acid
  • Try drinking a glass of milk during meals or before bedtime to keep acid away especially when you just had a huge meal and you feel sleepy right away
  • Sleep with your head slightly elevated to keep regurgitation from happening during sleep it can be very uncomfortable and irritating or worse may choke you and cause you to cough and vomit
  • You can also try this drink called Egyptian Licorice Mint, I know some GERD sufferers are aggravated by anything with mint but some have been cure from this drink so why not try and see for yourself                    

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