Most acid reflux sufferers aren’t sure whether they are really suffering from acid reflux or just simply heartburn.  

Yes there is a difference from heartburn and acid reflux.acid-reflux-image07

Some may be even oblivious that they are suffering from acid reflux. Here’s a list and guide line in familiarizing yourself to the different ways an acid reflux may feel like because the intensity or signs and symptoms may not necessarily be the same for everyone.

Somehow you will find a couple of signs and symptoms that do apply to what you suffer from. This guide line may enable you to understand your condition and seek help from medical or natural way.


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What Does Acid Reflux Feel Like?


  • Common signs and symptoms may include burning sensation felt on chest or from chest going up to the throat.
  • Feeling of pain that radiates from the back to the chest or arms
  • Your heart may start feeling like its exerting too much effort in beating or have a pounding sensation especially when you start moving around
  • Bloating is also one common sign and symptom aside from frequent need to burp, accompanied by a burning sensation from it
  • Frequent clearing of one’s throat
  • Excessive burping even when stomach is empty
  • You may find yourself  having trouble breathing
  • Depression, insomnia (although these may be uncommon but not rare)
  • Insomnia can be caused by waking up from painful acid reflux attack that make you feel hungry and dizzy)
  • You may also start feeling tired or exhausted even if you haven’t been active all day you will tend to feel lousy and drowsy
  • Your stool may smell rank or foul most of the time
  • Bad breathe from too much acid may also be a problem
  • Acid reflux will make you feel like you always have a burning acid in your throat especially when you burp
  • It feels uncomfortable and most of the time can be debilitating
  • The acid pain may be felt from the stomach and it may go back up to your throat or chest and the pain can last a few seconds or minutes it depends on the causative factor that triggered it or aggravated it
  • You may find that you want to vomit or you may feel nauseous and if you try spit or vomit all that may come out is a load foamy saliva
  • It can leave bitter taste in your mouth after burping
  • Sometimes after you burp some food may come up regurgitating from your throat which can feel really irritating, embarrassing if you have company and very uncomfortable
  • Sometimes it makes you lose your appetite because of the bloating in your stomach which can make you feel as if you are full even if you aren’t
  • Sometimes it can make you feel like you don’t want to eat which can lead to dieting
  • You will easily feel hungry because of too much acid in the stomach 


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