One of the best methods of burning fat is the green coffee 800mg extract, but this natural supplement for weight loss must be taken with care. Just like many other supplements, when it comes to green coffee 800 side effects are a reality and should be well known by anyone attempting to lose weight in this manner. 

green coffee side effects?What Is Pure Green Coffee and What Are Its Most Important Components

Green coffee bean is nothing else than raw coffee beans. The beans used in preparing your daily coffee are the results of the careful selection and processing, either wet or dry, of the green coffee beans, which are then roasted. In the roasting process, some of the properties are lost, which is why the brown or dark coffee does not have the same effects in weight loss as the green coffee.

Chlorogenic Acid? Yes, Rapid Weight Loss Effects

One of the most important compounds of green coffee is the chlorogenic acid, the one responsible for the rapid weight loss effects that most coffee based extracts promise. During roasting, the coffee beans lose more than 70% of the chlorogenic acid in their composition, and this is just one of the reasons why the extract must be obtained from unspoiled coffee beans.

Update: 12/17/14  –  Our research has found that people interested in losing weight fast have been getting amazing results using Green Coffee 800mg Extract.  Example results in image below. 

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Ask Your Doctor!

Unfortunately, coffee extract 800mg also has a compound that, when present in the human organism in a greater concentration, it can become dangerous, triggering certain unwanted side effects. That is why, although very efficient as weight loss supplements, the 800mg coffee pils should be taken only after consulting a physician, running certain tests, making sure that they will not jeopardize your health in any way.

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Green Coffee 800 Side Effects

For those who are medically healthy, green coffee extract does not bring about any risks. Those who take the capsules should avoid drinking too much regular coffee, as the extract is an excitant in itself, and the combination may cause a state of agitation, restlessness.

There are also conditions that may be worsened by the consumption of 800 green coffee and treatments that may fail to pay results, but, by following the next recommendations, interrupting the consumption and seeking specialized advice at the first signs that something is wrong, you should have no problems.

Pregnant and Breast Feeding Women:

The green coffee extract, and coffee in general should be avoided by pregnant or breast feeding women, because the active substances are transmitted to the child, whose heart is too weak to withstand the excitement produced by caffeine.

Those who suffer from anxiety or bleeding disorders should avoid green coffee diet of any kind as well, because caffeine is known to raise the blood pressure, worsening the bleeding and the state of agitation.

Are You Suffering from Constipation or Diarrhea?

Those who have an easy irritable bowel, suffer from constipation or diarrhea should stay away from green coffee diet as well, because, depending on their metabolism and on the substances it is combine with, it can make things worse interfering with the already troubled bowel movements.

Glaucoma or Osteoporosis?

The last two medical conditions in which caffeine should be avoided are glaucoma and osteoporosis. In the first case, the caffeine affects the blood sugar levels, raising or decreasing it, depending on the case and on one’s metabolism. In the second case, caffeine causes the loss of calcium through the urination process, accelerating osteoporosis.

If you do not suffer from any of these conditions, there should be no green coffee 800 side effects for you to worry about other than the long desired loss of weight. 


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Throughout the last years, the market was invaded by various weight loss supplements Losing Losing Weight with Green Coffee Extractbased on green coffee extract. That is, mainly, because,compared to other herbal weight loss supplements that have several ingredients in their composition, none very effective on its own, these supplements are in fact pure green coffee beans extract, proved to have immediate and long term benefits in weight loss, beauty and not only.

Why Green Coffee?

Usually, on the market, the available coffee beans are roasted and grinded in order to prepare the drink we all love. The green coffee beans, being used raw, keep their weight loss properties intact.


Update: 12/17/14  –  Our research has found that people interested in losing weight fast have been getting amazing results using Green Coffee 800mg Extract.  Example results in image below. 

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One of their compounds, the chlorogenic acid, is very useful in weight loss and it is a fat burner. By roasting the beans, almost 75% of this acid is lost, and, with it, the extract green coffee’s weight loss properties too. That is why you need green coffee bean extract in order to lose weight and not just any coffee.

How to Use the Green Coffee Bean Extract and What to Expect from It

When using extract green coffee capsules, you can lose somewhere around 17 pounds over a period of 3 months. Depending on your metabolism, on your coffee diet and on how much you exercise, the loss of weight can vary between 15 pounds and 20 pounds, sometimes more, in 3 months. That means at least 5 ponds a month.

As far as the dosage is concerned, the extract should be taken in 800mg capsules  twice a day, with about half of hour before eating. Also, keep in mind that, in order to provide the best results, the pills should contain 100% pure green coffee extract, nothing else.

Of course, it is advisable to enhance the benefits of the weight loss supplements with a balanced diet and regular workout sessions. Also, if you need to, you can safely give your body a boost of vitamins without worrying that they may interact with the green coffee extract, but, just in case, it is better to see a physician before taking any supplements, natural or not, green coffee based or not.

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Who Should Not Use Green Coffee Bean Extract

Taking into consideration that, both in green coffee bean and in roasted coffee, the amount of caffeine is quite high, their derivates (neither the drink nor the green coffee extract) should not be consumed by those who suffer from one or more of the following conditions.

Anxiety disorders – it can increase the state of agitation;

Bleeding disorders – may aggravate any existing bleeding problem;

Diabetes – the caffeine can cause the blood sugar levels to drop or to increase;

Pregnancy and breast feeding – caffeine is not safe for the child;

High blood pressure – caffeine raises blood pressure;

Osteoporosis – caffeine can determine an increase in the amount of calcium eliminated through urine, weakening the bones.

If you do not suffer from any of these medical conditions, you should have no problem using green coffee extract as a weight loss solution. 

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Wanna Buy Green Coffee Beans?

Many people heard of green coffee being available in the menu of the cafeterias part of large, international chains. A lot of people buy green coffee beans derived products as an adjuvant in their fight to lose weight.  

Of course, there are still a lot of people who find the subject confusing, wondering how coffee beans can be green, and since when coffee helps weight loss.

Everyone drinks coffee, but no one noticed to have lost pounds simply by drinking their coffee in the morning.

Why Is Green Coffee so Special?

First of all, you should know that the coffee beans ground and used in preparing our daily coffee are roasted coffee beans. Naturally, coffee beans are green, but, in order to be used in making the dark-brown coffee we all drink and to release the flavor we all love, they are roasted. 

In the roasting process, some of their most important properties, especially those related to weight loss, are lost. That is why, normal coffee has no effects as a weight loss product. On the other hand, the pure green coffee beans are the main ingredient in many natural weight loss supplements because of its high content of chlorogenic acid (not “chlorendic acid”).

This acid is very helpful for both weight loss and anti aging, as it accelerates the metabolism and its blocks the cellulite buildup, by preventing the release of a high amount of glucose in the body. In the roasting process, more than 80% of the chlorogenic acid is lost, which explains the lack of impact of regular coffee on weight loss.

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Recommendations Regarding the Green Coffee Diet

First of all, the results can only be obtained when pure green coffee is consumed in the adequate dosage. According to the latest studies, the safest and most effective dosage is of 1600 mg a day.

Although 2 capsules of 400mg taken twice a day can do the trick, it is impler to take 800mg capsules. The pills should be taken with a glass full of water, half of hour before eating.

Although green coffee is the main ingredient in many coffee diets to lose weight, if you want to obtain maximum results with no side effects, it is better to buy green coffee beans pure extract.

Best Option? Green Coffee and Active Lifestyle

Although coffee bean extract is very effective, it does not replace a healthy diet and an active lifestyle, on the contrary. Also, you have the possibility to use green coffee diet at the same time with vitamins, minerals or tea with detoxification effects. In order to make sure that you will have no problem in combining various supplements, you should see a physician should be consulted.

This step will also be useful, given the fact that green coffee  contains a high amount of  caffeine, so it may be harmful for those with heart problems or other affections. As soon as you are sure that your body will not be negatively affected by the caffeine, you can go ahead and buy green coffee beans pills highest quality.

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check green coffee beans here!

Some argue that, being a 100% natural product, pure green coffee has no side effects. Others warn that green coffee extract can be life threatening and talk about high blood pressure, anxiety and worsening conditions like osteoporosis or glaucoma.

Where Does the Truth Lie?

Luckily, this is one of the few weight loss supplements available on the market, backed up by heavy testing and research, so it is not difficult to put things together and find the truth.

The tests were performed mostly on healthy individuals, and they showed that green coffee bean is safe. However, judging by the changes in the metabolism and in the functioning of the subjects’ bodies, there are a few precautions to it.

What Are the Potential Green Coffee Bean Side Effects?  

Most of the side effects associated with the green coffee extract are common to drinking coffee in excess and have the same source – caffeine. If drinking a cup of coffee in the morning, or even two throughout the day, depending on the size of the cup and on the concentration can be a major health benefit and energy booster for some people, it can be very dangerous for others, suffering from heart diseases, blood flow problems, glaucoma, osteoporosis, anxiety, etc. Coffee is not recommended for pregnant women or breast feeding mothers either as it can harm the child.

Remember: it’s Rich in Caffeine

On the same line, the green coffee beans extract is rich in caffeine, therefore counter indicated for everyone in one of the above situations. The problem does not lie with the green coffee diet, but with the users who do not read and do not follow the recommendations of the manufacturer.

There are, indeed, people who have no idea that they suffer from these problems until they begin to take the green coffee extract and their blood pressure runs wild, they end up with nausea, diarrhea, agitation, etc.

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See Your Doctor Before 

However, most manufacturers recommend their clients to ask for the opinion of their doctor before taking any supplements, for weight loss or any other purpose.  If there are any suspicions, there are fast and easy tests that can bring the necessary clarifications and, with them, peace of mind.

Then, there is another simple measure to avoid side effects. The green coffee beans extract is recommended to be taken as 800mg capsules, twice a day. There is no harm in taking only one capsule, in the morning, and skipping the regular coffee, just to be sure.

If no side effects appear, the two capsules can be taken starting with the next day, and even the morning coffee can be brought back to the table. If anything goes wrong, users can always ask for a refund, no questions asked, so there are practically no risks involved. 


The so long discussed green coffee bean side effects are, therefore, the result of not following basic recommendations and of not having an accurate assessment of one’s state of health. 

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When you hear about the numerous benefits associated with its consumption, it is only natural that you decide to try it, but, it is also natural to think twice before making a decision like from where to buy green coffee beans extract.

Why Does the Source Matter?

First of all, this is a product that affects your health, your organism and you well being, so it is important to make sure that it contains exactly what it says it does, in the promised quantity, delivering the promised results.

Then, although it is not very expensive, you work hard for every penny, and it is your right to know exactly on what it is that your money goes, to receive exactly what you pay for.

More than that, with so many counterfeit products or poor quality substitutes produced in God forsaken facilities from third world countries, you need to find a reliable supplier, who will deliver what you buy, within the agreed time period and according to the specifications.

To sum up, it is important that you buy a safe and approved green coffee extract from a reliable supplier, who will deliver it to your door in the best conditions possible and within the delivery time posted online.

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What Is at Stake? 

In order to understand what separates original and approved pure green coffee beans from their counterfeit or not tested alternative, you need to know exactly what the green coffee extract does.

It is important to make sure that acts as a strong antioxidant, destroying the harmful free radicals in your body. It also inhibits the LDL oxidation, lowering cholesterol levels and strengthens the immune system, preventing several types of cancer.

The potentially harmful ingredient is caffeine, whose effects are familiar to anyone enjoying a cup of fresh flavored coffee in the morning. 

Drinking Coffee

Unless you know exactly from where to buy green coffee beans extract, you risk to buy a product that does not contain the necessary amount of chlorogenic acid, so does not pay the desired results, or that contains too much caffeine and becomes dangerous for your health?

Have you ever had too much coffee in the attempt to stay awake, to focus better during a long meeting or just because you were freezing and it felt comforting to have something warm slipping down your throat?

High Blood Pressure,  Circulatory Problems, Diabetes

Did you feel the dizziness, the heart pumping out of your chest and the blood rushing wildly through your veins? Things can go beyond that, especially if you tend to have a rather hor other similar conditions and you take in too much caffeine without knowing it.

Go Online!

It is unlikely to find the 800mg pure green coffee capsules in pharmacies or natural health stores, so you will probably go online. Settle for popular websites that offer money back guarantees, detailed information, not just on the positive, but also on the side effects of the product, and tens of reviews from common people who used coffee beans pills and were satisfied with the results.

It is also advisable to double-check the reliability of any website on related forums, before you decide from where to buy green coffee beans extract.

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resource links:

Lately, green coffee bean is referred to as the most effective natural weight loss supplements and lots of pure green coffee bean reviews are available online, presenting the pros and cons of taking the extract.

Any objective and honest review should keep in mind some general information, based on which the reviewer can evaluate the efficiency of the product, no matter if we are talking about weight loss supplements or kitchen appliances.

What Makes One Type of Coffee Different than the Other?

Green coffee beans are the raw seeds. The main difference between the green coffee beans and the brown dark coffee beans used in preparing the popular drink with the same name is that the former ones are roasted.

As many of you may have realized, there is also a difference in properties. While the roasting process creates a more pleasant and stronger flavor and the bitter taste we are all used to, it also eliminates the beans’ weight loss properties, given mostly by the chlorogenic acid, lost in proportion of over 70% during the roasting process.

This acid is the main active ingredient in the green coffee bean extract and the available pure green coffee bean reviews prove that it succeeds to:

  • Prevent the accumulation of fat and the raising of the blood glucose level;
  • Slow down the release of glucose in the blood;
  • Reduce the fat deposits;
  • Burn, block and synthesize body fat naturally.






Show More!

Is Any Supplement Containing Green Coffee Beans Helpful in the Weight Loss Process?

If the coffee bean supplements contain other ingredients as well, there is a high risk for those ingredients to inhibit the action of the green coffee extract or to interact with the caffeine and enhance its effects, turning the product dangerous for one’s health.

Also, you must keep in mind that it is recommended to take an 800mg capsule in the morning and one in the evening. 800mg is enough for one capsule. If, besides the green coffee extract that capsule contains other ingredients as well, it will either be too big and difficult to swallow, or it will not contain the necessary amount of green coffee beans extract.

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Choose Your Suppliers Wisely

Then, many reviews warn about the existence of counterfeit or dangerous products. While it is easier to shop online, because it helps to save money, effort and time, it is also dangerous if you do not choose your suppliers wisely. You could end up with a useless or harmful product, and that is worse than not obtaining the desired results.

This is why you should only buy coffee bean extract green that are tested and approved according to the legislation and standards, and only from verified websites. One way to make sure that you buy from a verified supplier is to verify the site’s SSL certificate.

The even safer alternative is to read the pure green coffee bean reviews available on the respective product, not on the supplier’s website, but on the related forums, to make sure that they are impartial.

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Green Coffee Bean Extract 800mgThe green coffee bean extract 800mg is considered one of the most efficient weight loss supplements. It is also known to be one of the few all natural weight loss supplements that have triggered considerable results among all users and during testing as well. 

When it was first developed and used as a weight loss adjuvant, it was available in 400mg capsules. With this dosage, those who took part in the study lost an average of 2 pounds a week. After a period of time, researchers came up with the extract 800mg capsules, and the tests showed that they were even more effective and safe too, as no side effects were noticed.

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Update: 11/04/14  –  Our research has found that people interested in losing weight fast have been getting amazing results using Green Coffee 800mg Extract.  Example results in image below. 

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What Are the Main Benefits Associated with the Use of Green Coffee Extract?

As the name suggests, the main ingredient of this weight loss  coffee diet and the only one is the coffee bean extract.


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Why Not Just Drink the Regular Coffee?

Because the active substance, chlorogenic acid, is only present in the green coffee bean, raw version and should be extracted and consumed in well determined quantities in order to pay the best results. The overall effect of the acid is the acceleration of the metabolism.

Explained in detail, what the chlorogenic acid actually does is to burn, synthesize and block the absorption of body fat naturally and safely, to slow the release of glucose in your bloodstream, to inhibit and prevent the storage of fat, to eliminate the excessive fat and glucose from your body.

What to Keep in Mind before Buying Green Coffee Bean Extract 800mg to Take a Green Coffee Diet

Just like the coffee you drink in order to wake up in the morning and start your day fresh, this natural pure green coffee extract contains a high amount of caffeine, a natural excitant present in many weight loss supplements, known to raise your energy levels and accelerate blood flow.

For a healthy person, with a balanced diet plan and an active lifestyle, this is a benefit, allowing that person to concentrate better, to live a dynamic life. However, a person suffering from heart problems, from blood affections or anxiety, a woman that is pregnant or breast feeding, should not take any coffee bean extract supplements without asking for a doctor’s opinion.

Indeed, we are talking about a natural supplement that, at least in theory, should not have side effects, however, the problem does not lie with the highest quality green coffee extract, but with your potential health problems, and you certainly do not want to make them worse.

Are You in Good Health Nowadays?

Hopefully, you have nothing to worry about and you will be able to take the capsules and watch your extra pounds melt away in no time, but, it is better to be safe than sorry, so make sure that you are in good health before you begin to use the famous green coffee bean extract 800mg that seems to have broken the boundaries as far as weight loss is concerned, and everything will be alright.

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green-coffee-bean extract reviewsAn Effective Supplement for Weight Loss?

You have probably heard about the green coffee extract as an effective supplement for weight loss and you have probably read many green coffee bean extract reviews in order to make sure that its properties are really beneficial for the weight loss process.

There are several ways to make the most out of the reviews you can find online. The first one is to gather your own information. Usually, the information on a manufacturer or supplier’s website is taken to extreme: the benefits are exaggerated and the side effects are minimized or completely eliminated.

The reviews recount the experience of common users. How they took the pure green extract, what they felt, how their body reacted, if they managed to lose weight in a healthy way or not, how much they lost, how fast, what the side effects were, etc. 

How to Check the Honest Reviews?

Of course, some reviews may be fake, written by people directly interested in creating a good image for the product reviewed or, on the contrary, to destroy its reputation. An honest review is never all good or all bad, it recounts what the user expected and what he or she received, it discusses his or her observations while taking the supplement, does not just repeat the information on the official site of the product. 

After analyzing several green coffee bean extract reviews, you can easily see that, indeed the results appear. If you expect extraordinary results, like losing five pounds a week without a well established diet plan and some regular exercising, you are in for a disappointment.

There are some websites selling green coffee based extracts that promise such results, but you should know better. Besides, rapid weight loss is not healthy for your body, so slower is better, especially if you do not have the time or the means to embrace a healthy and balanced lifestyle. 

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Most reviews do not say anything about the chlorogenic acid so often mentioned in the producers and suppliers’ presentations, but the average user does not worry about the ingredients, he or she only cares to obtained the results he or she paid for, in this case to lose weight. 

The Experience

Some reviewers recount that they took the coffee bean extract in a period when they were trying to build muscles, either because they were too skinny, or to hide the fat and to shape their body better. According to them, the green coffee diet did show some improvements, nothing of the type obtained through steroids and protein shakes, but visible, constant and easy to maintain on the long term.

Other people, who had been struggling with fat and high cholesterol for years, recount that, on the long term, they felt less hungry, they lost some weight and their cholesterol levels dropped. Perhaps since they felt more energetic, they found it easier to exercise, of they no longer felt hungry and they ate fewer fats and carbs.

Some recount that taking the pure green coffee helped them to focus on their work and handle everyday challenges easier. No matter the particularities of each case, the conclusion is, beyond any doubt, encouraging: the green coffee extract works.

Some Symptoms to Pay Special Attention

There are, of course, a few green coffee bean extract reviews written by people who seem to have resented some side effects, like high blood pressure and anxiety, but they admit that they had problems before and they recommend for everyone to consult a physician or have some tests done before taking the green coffee premium, which is a smart decision for all supplements. 

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Lately, the capsules based on green coffee bean extract are considered the newest, revolutionary natural products that work miracles in terms of weight loss. Several studies were performed, leading to the conclusion that, by taking supplements based on green coffee, a weight of about 2 pounds a week can be lost.

 Why Can’t You Just Drink Coffee and Lose Weight?


Indeed, the coffee most of us drink in the morning is natural and even beneficial, but it does not have the same properties as green coffee, simply because they were lost in the roasting process.

As a result, if you wish to lose a few pounds, no matter if you are a regular coffee drinker or not, you should consider taking a green coffee supplement for weight loss. These supplements contain a high amount of chlorogenic acid, known to slow down the release of glucose in the blood after every meal, enabling a controlled, rapid weight loss process.

This acid is known for its proprieties in boosting the body’s metabolism, in determining it to burn the fat faster and more efficiently. As far as the mind is concerned, due to the caffeine it contains, green coffee allows you to concentrate better and think faster, working as a powerful excitant.

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How to Choose the Best Green Coffee Bean Extract for Weight Loss?

There are many green coffee based supplements advertised as natural weight loss supplements, but, of course, not all of them are effective and safe. How can you choose the most reliable one? 

  • Look for natural ingredients –  The food we eat is already stuffed with chemicals, more than our bodies can handle, so it is time we give it a natural boost, and the green coffee extract is enough to ensure that. 


  • Settle for 800 mg pills produced by an authorized pharmaceutical company – Anyone can sell anything, especially online, so you need to make sure that you buy exactly what the label says and the site advertises. The capsules should be of 800 mg because they are easier to swallow. Since the indicated dosage is of 1600 mg a day, preferably administered in two doses, it is easier to take one capsule instead of two.


  • Look for reviews and money back guarantees –  One thing is to trust the manufacturer, and you should be aware that every manufacturer speaks highly of his products, and another thing is to know for sure that someone out there took the supplement you are interested in and obtained the same results that you hope to achieve. As for the money back guarantee, it is just an insurance policy you should not need to use. If a producer or supplier is willing to give you a refund in case you are not satisfied with his product, it can only mean that he or she knows for sure that you will not need the refund, that the product pays the promised results.

With this in mind, it is recommended to take only one 800 mg capsule on the first day and see how your body reacts to it, just to make sure that you do not have any anxiety, blood circulation or heart problems you do not know about. If nothing bad happens, you can take the two recommended capsules of green coffee bean extract for weight loss and watch your extra pounds melting away.


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