Heartburn is a condition wherein there is sharp pain or more appropriately a burning sensation over the chest area; this is due to gastric acid that spills from the stomach. The pain may be felt climbing the neck area since acid usually heads for the esophagus. There are many causes of heartburn and when causes and treatment prevention techniques are overlooked, this condition usually 

leads to GERD or gastroesophageal reflux disease. In managing heartburn, it’s important to find out if you are indeed suffering from this condition or you might be experiencing another medical condition.

What Does Heartburn Feel Like? Check if you really have heartburn

Angina which is pain over the chest area before a heart attack may also feel like heartburn. Checking if you really have heartburn helps you learn about the different guide symptoms that are classic in heartburn and to seek help right away for angina. 

Permanent Relief from Heartburn in 48 Hours?

The most common symptom of heartburn is burning pain over the chest area; if pain radiates over the left shoulder then this is angina. If there is numbness of the left arm and shoulder as well as mild burning sensation radiating to this area then you might be suffering from angina. You should take any medications for your condition or call emergency help right away.

If chest pain is felt like a burning sensation and the sharp pain “moves” towards the neck then this is classic heartburn. You may also notice worsening pain when you lie down or when you bend over since acid tends to spill from your stomach.

Managing heartburn

The usual thought of managing heartburn by taking antacids and H2 blocker drugs have been the most common way to treat heartburn but what heartburn sufferers don’t know is that they are not treating the root of the problem. You are also subjecting yourself to terrible side effects of medications that may oftentimes worsen your condition in time.

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Healthcare providers often offer surgeries that claim to cure heartburn; one of these is a surgical procedure that installs a one-way valve in between the stomach and the esophagus to prevent acid reflux. This surgery costs thousands of dollars and most who have had it complain that their heartburn was not treated at all. Basically, most patients who underwent this surgery only had to make simple lifestyle choices and changes in their diet in managing heartburn.

The best way therefore to completely treat heartburn is to make better and healthier choices in life. Start by avoiding foods that will trigger heartburn like spicy and fatty foods; eat smaller portions and take time to eat. Do not rush and eat on the go; instead spend time eating and do not immediately lie down after a meal.

So What Does Heartburn Feel Like for Pregnant Women? 

For pregnant women, heartburn is worse during the second and third trimesters of pregnancy. Small yet frequent feedings are the best ways to counter this condition. Taking time before lying down after a meal and keeping the head of the bed higher while lying down are best practices to prevent heartburn during pregnancy.


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Constant heartburn is described as heartburn that occurs more frequently. This happens when heartburn sufferers are unable to find heartburn relief, in patients who are diagnosed with GERD or gastrosophageal reflux disease or during pregnancy when heartburn symptoms become severe from the second to the third trimester.


Chronic heartburn could be a terrible experience. You cannot tolerate foods after eating since gastric acid often splashes and spills from the stomach. There is also wrenching pain on the neck area as low acid from the stomach travels to the esophagus. Frequent heartburn and overlooking treating severe chronic heartburn may lead to terrible complications. It leads to the development of severe GERD and acid may also cause damage to the lining of the esophagus which leads to problems with swallowing and terrible pain. It is important therefore to seek medical attention at once for the ideal constant heartburn cure to prevent serious complications.

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How to check if you really have constant heartburn?

The best way to find out if you are suffering from constant heartburn is to monitor your symptoms. Keep a diary of your symptoms as well as foods or activities that causes heartburn. For instance, eating spicy foods, fatty foods, chocolate or even drinking too much soda can trigger heartburn; if you eat these foods a lot then you may be suffering from constant symptoms.

It is also smart to keep track of the various heartburn indigestion treatments that you use to reduce your symptoms. Do you use antacids or H2 blocker drugs to counteract heartburn? Or do you use natural heartburn treatments instead? While most drugs and over –the-counter drugs are effective in the treatment of heartburn, most of these will only temporarily take effect; you still need to make a  complete overhaul of your diet, lifestyle choices and your activities so that you can cure heartburn for good. And regardless of heartburn causes, drugs will only make matters worse since these often causes severe side effects. Most cause diarrhea or constipation. Severe diarrhea may lead to dehydration and loss of electrolytes.

Know the heartburn causes

Another important way to find constant heartburn cures is to know your heartburn causes. If you eat on the go or if you lie down immediately after eating you are at risk of suffering from heartburn symptoms; you must also avoid triggers like spicy foods, fatty foods and foods that will only make your condition worse.

The heartburn symptoms

It is important to learn about heartburn symptoms to rule out other illnesses that may look like heartburn and to seek medical attention at once. Heartburn is described as burning pain over the chest area that radiates to the neck where the esophagus is located. Pain usually becomes worse when the person lies down or when he bends over. When burning pain over the chest radiates towards the left arm then this may be a sign of an impending heart attack. Study your symptoms closely and consult your doctor as soon as possible to get appropriate treatment. 

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How to Find Natural Heartburn Relief?

image - heartburn reliefHeartburn is an unpleasant sensation that is felt over the chest and sometimes moves up to the neck area where the esophagus is located; this is caused by stomach acid backing up to the esophagus. The gastric discomfort is described as burning, heavy and very uncomfortable especially when the acid is slowly moving up the neck area.

Heartburn may be due to several reasons and the most common are acid reflux disease or when acid moves from the stomach to the esophagus which is classic symptoms of heartburn, and GERD or gastroesophageal reflux disease which is chronic and more severe form of acid reflux. It may also be triggered by spicy food eating and eating fatty foods.

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Possibly the most common treatment for heartburn is using over-the-counter medications to reduce the pain and discomfort; most with this stomach problem simply pop pills in the hope of reducing heartburn symptoms only to find out that their symptoms return after several hours.

Why is it better to have a natural treatment?

It is better to use an organic alternative to get natural heartburn relief instead of OTC available treatments since these offer relief, fast and natural. Most treatments work faster than most drugs intended to reduce gastric acid production, are readily available from your kitchen or refrigerator and will never cause terrible side effects.

A popular heartburn medication is antacids. Antacids act as acid neutralizer that effectively reduces heartburn. However, antacids have side effects like diarrhea and constipation and when a person overuses antacids it could lead to severe diarrhea which may lead to dehydration and severe electrolyte imbalance.

What are the best heartburn remedies?

  • Herbal remedies – there are numerous herbs that are used to reduce heartburn and the most common are Angelica root, chamomile, milk thistle, lemon balm and licorice. These herbs are known to have natural properties that can help prevent the production of stomach acids. Use these herbs as directed; it’s ideal to consult your doctor on the ideal dosage and frequency of these herbal heartburn remedies.


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  • Drinking milk – this is probably one of the most common natural remedy for heartburn. Drinking milk will help temporarily reduce symptoms by neutralizing acids in the stomach. You need to drink about a glass-full of milk to help manage symptoms however some experts say that fat in milk may stimulate the stomach to produce more acid hence you should drink fat-free milk.


  • Gum – another natural remedy is chewing gum. As you chew gum, you stimulate the mouth to produce saliva and will also stimulate you to swallow. Swallowing pushes the acid back into the stomach and thus reduces symptoms. You may chew gum as often as you like to relieve heartburn symptoms.

What is a suitable natural heartburn remedy for pregnant women?

Pregnant women may use natural treatments to find natural heartburn relief like chewing gum and drinking fat-free milk to reduce heartburn symptoms. Some herbal remedies may not be suitable for pregnancy and for breastfeeding women; pregnant women should consult their doctors first before taking any herbal treatments as well as over-the-counter medicines for heartburn. 

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apple image

Heartburn affects about 60 million Americans once a month and while it is a very common medical condition, people often choose the wrong techniques to treat heartburn. While there are natural heartburn home remedy that a person suffering from frequent heartburn may use; more and more sufferers are considering a popular and expensive GERD treatment called nissen fundoplication. This is a surgical treatment that is recommended for people suffering from GERD or gastroesophageal reflux disease.


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In GERD, too much gastric acid spills from the stomach to the esophagus causing severe symptoms. Nissen fundoplication is a reflux remedy which uses a valve that will prevent the acid from moving up to the esophagus. This valve however only temporarily reduces heartburn symptoms and often recurrence of heartburn happens. Patients suffer from recurrence even when the valve is present due to lack of motivation to change their diet and to make better lifestyle choices.

Why are heartburn home remedies better?

Heartburn home remedy is better to heartburn relief simply because they work. You can cure heartburn by simply making better choices when it comes to foods you eat, when to eat them and how much you eat per meal. It costs thousands of dollars to undergo surgical procedures in an attempt to relieve heartburn however; natural remedies may not cost you anything at all. Medications like antacids and H2 blocker drugs on the other hand may be very effective but have serious side effects in tow. All in all, natural remedies are the best ways to cure and prevent heartburn.

What are practical heartburn natural remedies to use?

As mentioned, minding what you eat is a practical way to stop heartburn. You need to watch what you eat since there are so many foods that can trigger heartburn. Spicy foods like curries, salsas, hot peppers and hot sauces are must be avoided; fatty foods like deep fried foods and sauces may also trigger a bout of heartburn.

You must also refrain from eating too much since this is a sure way to trigger more gastric acid production. Eat small meals instead and take time to stand and do activities before you lie down. If you are always on the go, pause and relax before you gulp down your food. Relax before, during and after meals will prevent you from having another heartburn attack.

Are there any special considerations?

Aside from simple lifestyle practices, there are also natural ways to reduce heartburn and that is to use herbs and natural supplements. Although most of these are highly effective, pregnant women must never use them unless recommended by their doctor. Pregnancy often brings terrible cases of heartburn and is attributed to changes in hormone levels. Pregnant women may instead use cure remedies natural to reduce heartburn like eating small but frequent meals and avoiding lying down after a meal. If heartburn gets worse, pregnant women may consult their doctor before trying any heartburn home remedy. 

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Why Home Remedies for Heartburn are Better?

Heartburn may be a common gastric condition but if it happens too often, then you may be experiencing heartburn acid reflux or what experts call GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease) and you need home remedy for heartburn.

Strong stomach acid splash from the stomach and moves upward to the esophagus creating a terrible and painful sensation over the chest and the neck area. These are the most common heartburn symptoms and along with these a person who is suffering from this condition may also experience gas formation, upset stomach and stomach pains.

If you suffer from heartburn more often, then you need to use treatment prevention techniques to stop this condition. Probably the best advice is to watch what you eat; heartburn is triggered by eating too much spicy foods and foods that are rich in fat.

Spicy Foods to Avoid

If you love to eat spicy foods then you may need to cut down on the hot sauce. You must also avoid eating chili peppers, hot dips, salsa curries and foods that are just too hot to endure. However, experts on managing heartburn and home remedy for heartburn agree that it’s just not eating spicy foods that contribute to heartburn but also eating large volumes of food.


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The stomach naturally responses to more food by increasing acid production hence acid overflow and heads for the esophagus. Try to eat small portions of food at a time and if possible, allow a longer period of time in between meals.

Experiencing Frequent Heartburn

If you are the type who frequently experience heartburn then you may be the type of person who is always on the go; you are likely to eat while your drive or eat as you do different activities to cope with time. This unhealthy practice only makes your heartburn worse. If you are on a rush, better postpone eating than eating on the go. Do what you need to do and then eat while you are adequately rested.

Frequent heartburn is also common during the second and third trimesters of pregnancy. Experts believe that this is due to varying hormonal levels that affects the smooth muscles of the digestive tract. Pregnant women may eat slower or eat small frequent meals in a day to prevent heartburn. She may also stand or sit longer after eating to prevent heartburn symptoms.

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Fast Heartburn Treatment

Aside from heading to your medicine cabinet to grab an H2 blocker as a heartburn acid reflux treatment, why not consider taking fast and natural heartburn treatments? Home remedies for heartburn can help you with no side effects! Medications for heartburn like antacids and H2 blockers drugs may be effective but could cause terrible side effects like headaches, diarrhea, dizziness, palpitations and even bleeding. You may use heartburn relief baking soda instead.

Check this Home Remedy for Heartburn

 Just mix a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water and drink. Baking soda is base and will neutralize gastric acid effectively. For fresh breath heartburn treatment, chew gum but make sure it is not mint or peppermint since this might make your condition worse. Chew fruit flavored gum instead to freshen your breath, stimulate the production of saliva and to push acid back as you swallow saliva. 

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Why Using a Natural Remedy for Heartburn?

Are you looking for natural remedy for heartburn? Are you tired of using over-the-counter medications that will only offer temporary relief?

Most OTC medications for heartburn like H2 blocker drugs stop the symptoms of heartburn like burning pain over the chest area and gastric discomfort. But these fast heartburn treatment have equally uncomfortable side effects like headaches, diarrea and dizziness.

Overuse of acid reducers will also lead to terrible side effects like palpitations, tightness on the chest area, confusion, overall feeling of fatigue and even bleeding. Using an easy natural cure is definitely the best option to get rid of heartburn effectively, safely and naturally.

Some natural remedy for heartburn options

  • Using baking soda – experts in the treatment of heartburn and other gastrointestinal conditions advice the use of baking soda or sodium bicarbonate in reducing heartburn symptoms. Baking soda is base and when combined with gastric acid will help neutralize acid. The ideal way to use baking soda as a perfect natural remedy and an indigestion natural remedy is to combine about ½ to a teaspoon baking soda in a regular glass of water. Drink all of the mixture in one go and you will find relief quickly and safely.


  • Chewing gum – there are so many ways gum can help you with heartburn; when you chew gum you naturally stimulate the secretion of saliva. When you chew gum, you also tend to swallow more which naturally forces acid downwards or back to the stomach. Chewing gum is safe, natural and effective; this may also be used as a treatment prevention of heartburn after every meal.  


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  • Black licorice – licorice is a form of confectionery or candy which is made from the plant with the same name. It is effective in the treatment of most gastrointestinal diseases like GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease), stomach ulcers and heartburn. Aside from eating the confectionery, licorice supplements are also available in some natural stores and online sites and this is made of licorice root extract plus peppermint leaf, chamomile, lemon balm, milk thistle and other effective ingredients. Using this treatment regularly is known to reduce gastric problems like heartburn. This treatment however is not indicated for pregnant women.

What is the fastest way to get cured?

Possibly the fastest way to get cured is using a perfect natural remedy like those mentioned above as well as making changes in the way you eat and a lifestyle overhaul. If you suffer from heartburn, you should watch what you eat. Avoid foods that will only trigger heartburn like caffeine, soda and chocolates to name a few. You may also get cured from heartburn when you avoid smoking and drinking alcohol.

Does apple cider vinegar work? Is it an efficient remedy for heartburn?

Using apple cider vinegar for acid reflux disease may be contrary to solving excess acid since vinegar is acidic. People who suffer from regular heartburn may have different triggers and some may find drinking a few tablespoons of apple cider vinegar will help contract the throat muscles which will prevent the acid from moving up the esophagus. You may try this fast heartburn treatment and find out if this works for you.

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