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Some argue that, being a 100% natural product, pure green coffee has no side effects. Others warn that green coffee extract can be life threatening and talk about high blood pressure, anxiety and worsening conditions like osteoporosis or glaucoma.

Where Does the Truth Lie?

Luckily, this is one of the few weight loss supplements available on the market, backed up by heavy testing and research, so it is not difficult to put things together and find the truth.

The tests were performed mostly on healthy individuals, and they showed that green coffee bean is safe. However, judging by the changes in the metabolism and in the functioning of the subjects’ bodies, there are a few precautions to it.

What Are the Potential Green Coffee Bean Side Effects?  

Most of the side effects associated with the green coffee extract are common to drinking coffee in excess and have the same source – caffeine. If drinking a cup of coffee in the morning, or even two throughout the day, depending on the size of the cup and on the concentration can be a major health benefit and energy booster for some people, it can be very dangerous for others, suffering from heart diseases, blood flow problems, glaucoma, osteoporosis, anxiety, etc. Coffee is not recommended for pregnant women or breast feeding mothers either as it can harm the child.

Remember: it’s Rich in Caffeine

On the same line, the green coffee beans extract is rich in caffeine, therefore counter indicated for everyone in one of the above situations. The problem does not lie with the green coffee diet, but with the users who do not read and do not follow the recommendations of the manufacturer.

There are, indeed, people who have no idea that they suffer from these problems until they begin to take the green coffee extract and their blood pressure runs wild, they end up with nausea, diarrhea, agitation, etc.

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See Your Doctor Before 

However, most manufacturers recommend their clients to ask for the opinion of their doctor before taking any supplements, for weight loss or any other purpose.  If there are any suspicions, there are fast and easy tests that can bring the necessary clarifications and, with them, peace of mind.

Then, there is another simple measure to avoid side effects. The green coffee beans extract is recommended to be taken as 800mg capsules, twice a day. There is no harm in taking only one capsule, in the morning, and skipping the regular coffee, just to be sure.

If no side effects appear, the two capsules can be taken starting with the next day, and even the morning coffee can be brought back to the table. If anything goes wrong, users can always ask for a refund, no questions asked, so there are practically no risks involved. 


The so long discussed green coffee bean side effects are, therefore, the result of not following basic recommendations and of not having an accurate assessment of one’s state of health. 

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