Lately, green coffee bean is referred to as the most effective natural weight loss supplements and lots of pure green coffee bean reviews are available online, presenting the pros and cons of taking the extract.

Any objective and honest review should keep in mind some general information, based on which the reviewer can evaluate the efficiency of the product, no matter if we are talking about weight loss supplements or kitchen appliances.

What Makes One Type of Coffee Different than the Other?

Green coffee beans are the raw seeds. The main difference between the green coffee beans and the brown dark coffee beans used in preparing the popular drink with the same name is that the former ones are roasted.

As many of you may have realized, there is also a difference in properties. While the roasting process creates a more pleasant and stronger flavor and the bitter taste we are all used to, it also eliminates the beans’ weight loss properties, given mostly by the chlorogenic acid, lost in proportion of over 70% during the roasting process.

This acid is the main active ingredient in the green coffee bean extract and the available pure green coffee bean reviews prove that it succeeds to:

  • Prevent the accumulation of fat and the raising of the blood glucose level;
  • Slow down the release of glucose in the blood;
  • Reduce the fat deposits;
  • Burn, block and synthesize body fat naturally.






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Is Any Supplement Containing Green Coffee Beans Helpful in the Weight Loss Process?

If the coffee bean supplements contain other ingredients as well, there is a high risk for those ingredients to inhibit the action of the green coffee extract or to interact with the caffeine and enhance its effects, turning the product dangerous for one’s health.

Also, you must keep in mind that it is recommended to take an 800mg capsule in the morning and one in the evening. 800mg is enough for one capsule. If, besides the green coffee extract that capsule contains other ingredients as well, it will either be too big and difficult to swallow, or it will not contain the necessary amount of green coffee beans extract.

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Choose Your Suppliers Wisely

Then, many reviews warn about the existence of counterfeit or dangerous products. While it is easier to shop online, because it helps to save money, effort and time, it is also dangerous if you do not choose your suppliers wisely. You could end up with a useless or harmful product, and that is worse than not obtaining the desired results.

This is why you should only buy coffee bean extract green that are tested and approved according to the legislation and standards, and only from verified websites. One way to make sure that you buy from a verified supplier is to verify the site’s SSL certificate.

The even safer alternative is to read the pure green coffee bean reviews available on the respective product, not on the supplier’s website, but on the related forums, to make sure that they are impartial.

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