Heartburn is a condition wherein there is sharp pain or more appropriately a burning sensation over the chest area; this is due to gastric acid that spills from the stomach. The pain may be felt climbing the neck area since acid usually heads for the esophagus. There are many causes of heartburn and when causes and treatment prevention techniques are overlooked, this condition usually 

leads to GERD or gastroesophageal reflux disease. In managing heartburn, it’s important to find out if you are indeed suffering from this condition or you might be experiencing another medical condition.

What Does Heartburn Feel Like? Check if you really have heartburn

Angina which is pain over the chest area before a heart attack may also feel like heartburn. Checking if you really have heartburn helps you learn about the different guide symptoms that are classic in heartburn and to seek help right away for angina. 

Permanent Relief from Heartburn in 48 Hours?

The most common symptom of heartburn is burning pain over the chest area; if pain radiates over the left shoulder then this is angina. If there is numbness of the left arm and shoulder as well as mild burning sensation radiating to this area then you might be suffering from angina. You should take any medications for your condition or call emergency help right away.

If chest pain is felt like a burning sensation and the sharp pain “moves” towards the neck then this is classic heartburn. You may also notice worsening pain when you lie down or when you bend over since acid tends to spill from your stomach.

Managing heartburn

The usual thought of managing heartburn by taking antacids and H2 blocker drugs have been the most common way to treat heartburn but what heartburn sufferers don’t know is that they are not treating the root of the problem. You are also subjecting yourself to terrible side effects of medications that may oftentimes worsen your condition in time.

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Healthcare providers often offer surgeries that claim to cure heartburn; one of these is a surgical procedure that installs a one-way valve in between the stomach and the esophagus to prevent acid reflux. This surgery costs thousands of dollars and most who have had it complain that their heartburn was not treated at all. Basically, most patients who underwent this surgery only had to make simple lifestyle choices and changes in their diet in managing heartburn.

The best way therefore to completely treat heartburn is to make better and healthier choices in life. Start by avoiding foods that will trigger heartburn like spicy and fatty foods; eat smaller portions and take time to eat. Do not rush and eat on the go; instead spend time eating and do not immediately lie down after a meal.

So What Does Heartburn Feel Like for Pregnant Women? 

For pregnant women, heartburn is worse during the second and third trimesters of pregnancy. Small yet frequent feedings are the best ways to counter this condition. Taking time before lying down after a meal and keeping the head of the bed higher while lying down are best practices to prevent heartburn during pregnancy.


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